The Great Blue Hole

When traveling to Belize, you shouldn’t miss an opportunity to visit the Great Blue Hole, one of the world’s most recognizable natural wonders. The Great Blue Hole is a massive underwater sinkhole off of the coast of Belize located about 60 miles away from Belize City. It is believed that this hole is the world’s largest sea-hole. With an almost perfectly circular hole, The Great Blue Hole is about 125 meters deep and its diameter is about 300 meters wide. It is one of the most astonishing dive sites to be found anywhere on earth.

Great Blue Hole Hightlights

The Blue Hole is the result of repeated collapses of a limestone cave system formed during lower sea level stands in the course of the last ice age. The outer edge is merely a few feet underwater at high tide. The hole itself is the opening to a system of caves and passageway that penetrate this undersea mountain. In various places, massive limestone stalactites hang down from.

The temperature in the Blue Hole at 130ft is about 76F with hardly any change throughout the year. The walls are sheer from the surface until a depth of approximately 110 feet where you will begin to encounter stalactite formations which actually angle back, allowing you to dive underneath monstrous overhangs. Hovering amongst the stalactites, you can’t help but feel humbled by the knowledge that the massive formation before you once stood high and dry above the surface of the sea years ago.


Great Blue Hole for Cruise Ship Passengers

For our cruise ship passengers the tour departs from the Tourism Village in Belize City (the dock area where the cruise ship tender boats drop off their passengers). As you debark from your tender boat, please look for the Diamonds International store at Terminal 2. Walk through the store to the gate on Fort Street. At the gate, you’ll be met by a representative of Splash Wave Tours. Our tours are scheduled to fit within the port time of the cruise ships arriving in Belize City. We monitor the cruise ship tender schedules and plan our tour itineraries to give you plenty of time to return back to your ship, to enjoy a local drink before departure.

For tourist who are staying in Belize City, pick are available depending on the location.

The Great Blue Hole Tour Price: $ USD per person

Includes: transportation, tour guide, gears, entrance to the site, lunch, and taxes

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